Get Your Winterization Service Done with Colonial Hyundai


You probably have noticed by now, but we've had some snowfall here in Downingtown, and it is nearly December, which means winter is in full swing. At Colonial Hyundai, we're here to help you prepare, as our service center has a winterization special going on at the dealership that will get your vehicle ready to go when the snow and cold hits.

This special is a $99.95 cost for Hyundai vehicles, and drains and fills the coolant, tops off all fluids, inspects your brakes, battery, wiper blades and tires to ensure there's the right levels for each one for optimal driving in the winter. It's a standout special that we want you to utilize so you can be confident.

when you have your fluid levels topped off, you're guarding against low fluid levels, which in the cold weather can freeze or lead to other vehicle issues. Also, if you're due for an oil change, now is a good time to get one because you want your engine running at its best in the winter.

With battery checks, it's pretty self-explanatory: you don't want your car not to start because your battery power levels are low. We'll check that out for you, and if you're in need of a new battery, we'll point you in the right direction and install them in our service center so you're not looking for roadside assistance or a jump when it goes below freezing.

Another good thing to get checked for winter is your heating system to ensure it is efficiently pumping out warm air throughout your cabin, as you don't want to be driving in a cold car all season long.

For folks that use snow tires, we are here to install those as well, and we certainly recommend them in winter driving conditions, and you'll be thankful you have them when the roads are snowy.

If you'd like to learn more about the services and winterization special we have at Colonial Hyundai, contact our service center and we'd be happy to provide you with more details and arrange an appointment today.

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