Be Prepared with Pot Hole Service from Colonial Hyundai of Downingtown


With the winter, we are not only getting the snow and ice, but the roads start to show some wear and tear as well. Throughout Downingtown and the greater Philadelphia area there are plenty of road bumps, and especially potholes that can do some damage to your vehicle. But, fear not because here at Colonial Hyundai of Downingtown, we have pot hole service among our specials with our service center.

At a standout value of $79.95, we'll perform a computerized four wheel alignment, inspect your tires, steering and suspension and make sure everything is set to the optimal position. When you hit pot holes hard, it can put your vehicle out of alignment, damage your tires and wheels, and also impact the power steering, too. Any impact can mean your vehicle won't function as intended, which is why if you're feeling your ride is suffering due to pot hole damage, come in and see us in our service center so we can help you diagnose and make the necessary repairs.

In the meantime, our advice is to drive carefully and cautiously, especially on bumpy roads with pot holes this winter. If you see them coming up as you drive, slow down and lessen the impact to keep your vehicle health high this winter. If you have any other questions or would like to schedule a service appointment, our team would be happy to provide a time for us to service your vehicle, as well as answer any service-related questions you might have.

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