7 Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle if you Live in Downingtown


We're right in the middle of winter, and for many of us we know that being prepared is the the first approach to getting through it especially when driving in the cold or when the big snowstorm hits, because eventually it will. At Colonial Hyundai of Downingtown, we can help you get ready or get everything together so that you're not neglecting your vehicle in the winter now that it's January. Here are 7 tips for winterizing your vehicle.

  1. Check your tires: if your tire tread is wearing thin or you have any other traction or control issues, it could be tire related. Also, having strong grip and treads is important as you'll need it not for everyday safety when you drive, but especially when the roads are wet or snowy. We can also install winter tires if you wish to have them on too.
  2. Get a tire rotation and/or alignment: things can be out of balance if you've been driving without an alignment or tire rotation. We recommend getting it done so you have firm grip and less tread wear with a tire rotation while an alignment helps keep your steering and tires centered which is important in winter.
  3. Get an oil change: you're going to want fresh oil pumping to your engine that's clean in the winter, especially as the temperatures are low. Any build up can cause your engine to not function at a high level which leaves you with less than ideal driving in winter.
  4. Have your heating system checked: you don't want to be cold while driving and when you have your heating system checked and ensure your air filters are clean so that fresh air is getting in and you're able to warm up and defrost upon start up.
  5. Have your brakes checked: getting a routine brake pad or rotor check or replacement is also recommended. That's because you'll want as much stopping power as possible, especially when the roads are bad.
  6. Have your battery checked or replaced: this should be a no-brainer but if your vehicle isn't starting up right away on colder days, your battery levels are low and you should consider getting a new battery so you're not stuck needing a jump on those winter mornings in Downingtown.
  7. Get the right parts and be prepared: other parts to think about upgrading include your wiper blades to clearly get the snow off your windshield, while putting a shovel along with some sand in your trunk or cargo area to help you get out from a snowed in spot is also a good idea. So too is a first aid kit, blankets, and some water in case of an emergency.

If you have questions or need winter service, contact us today!

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