Here at Colonial Hyundai of Downingtown, drivers in the West Chester and Philadelphia areas along with Phoenixville and Coatesville, leasing is a common part of the car buying experience. There are many people who happily lease new Hyundai vehicles from us, as it's flexible, convenient and gives you options. When your lease is up, what might those options be? We're here to explain!

Lease Return Options

When your lease is about to be up, you'll get a notification from us and Hyundai about what your next steps are. This way you have it on your radar and can make a smart decision in advance. At a minimum you need to communicate with a Hyundai dealership and Hyundai Financial Services about what you plan to do, and there are many options for you to consider.

The first option you have is to return your leased vehicle and enter a new lease of a brand new Hyundai. Often, we can get you the same model if you choose to continue on with that, and at a similar leased price. This way you're still able to make a similar payment, and get upgraded features and technology along with a vehicle with modern style, amenities, and of course low mileage and newness all around. You have options among our entire new Hyundai lineup, and can choose from any number of options of vehicles for lease and we'll be able to work it out via our finance team with you.

The second option is that you decide to purchase your current leased vehicle. If you like your vehicle and want to continue on in it, you can do that. We'll help you finance with an auto loan and provide rates and more through Hyundai Financial Services and others so you can buy your vehicle at its remaining residual value. We'll help you get a payment that works for you, and you can continue on driving your Hyundai, while also having the benefit of remaining warranty coverage and options too.

Your final option is you decide to go in a different direction and return your leased vehicle to the dealership. When you do that you need to bring the vehicle, all your keys, and we'll review your vehicle to make sure there's no wear and use that needs to be fixed before a finalized return, and get the paperwork ready.

Explore Hyundai Lease Options with Us

You know how the lease-end process works, but if you're looking to learn more about the different leases that are available among our new Hyundai selection here at Colonial Hyundai of Downingtown, contact us today and we can get started with you soon!

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